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Nicotine Addiction Detox

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Nicotine Addiction Detox


Nicotine addiction resolution is a very difficult addiction. Resolution it is often more difficult than heroin, alcohol or cocaine.



The detoxification protocol is designed to prepare the body to stop smoking by initiating breakdown of the anti-cigarette toxins which accumulated in response to repeated toxin exposure from smoking.

Start the detox program about two days before you "intend" to stop smoking. Most individuals will accidentally reduce cigarette use to approximately 6 cigarettes daily because they don't "taste" good.

Dump the "cold turkey" attitude. Addiction is a toxic-disease problem. This detoxification program automatically and naturally reduces the cause of the problem, and controls the physical discomfort of stopping. There is no sound reason to sentence yourself to "psych-torture" of cold turkey.

The program has three phases:

  • Systemic Detox - the body breaks down systemic toxins, using supplements and open the exit path;
  • Cellular Craving Detox -where cravings occur, which are addressed with daily supplements and "at-Craving" supplements;
  • Normally the process is complete within a week

Cessation success is strongly influenced by detoxification support.

If you stop making progress... Then your detox path is clogged and your body has become unable to dispose of toxins.

Use the supplements to curb smoking urge as needed thereafter. The detox program will tend to reduce physiology of urges by up to 90%.

  • The physiological components reduce within 1-3 days
  • Use leftover supplants on subsequent cravings as needed after first two days

What To Expect

Generally the first pills reduce cravings for 1-4 hours. After this path is cleared, the amount of time that the "sulfur pills" curb cravings starts to decrease. This indicates exit path blockage.

When detoxification is fully working, then cessation takes 1-3 days. When detox doesn't work then the system may not work.

The breakdown is permanent. Once your body discards the addiction toxins, then cravings stop. This supplement program accelerates the breakdown from months to days by supplying the chemistry which limits the speed of the process.

Blocked Detox Exit Path

When your body stops dumping toxins, detoxification stops and cravings and withdrawal return.
Tar balls, likely resulting from mobilization of cigarette substance from cells, collect in the liver. When the tar clogs the liver and seemingly lymphatic system, the body stops the detoxification process and cravings recur.
This is evidenced by persisting cravings, or anxiety. Anxiety and decreasing performance from the supplements usually means that the liver and lymphatic system are clogged with tar or other toxins.
Don't mess around. Get colon hydrotherapy. This will literally wash out the pipes, and enable the body to continue detox. Most users report an immediate improvement.  

Niacin Protocol

Nicotine is the main building block for niacin. Some individuals appear to use nicotine as niacin. These individuals exhibit heavy "anxiety" and irritability symptoms.

If you reflect anxiety instead of a craving, then take 100-500 mg of niacin, or enough to generate "niacin flush".

Niacin flush is a capillary dilation which cause minor prickling in the skin for about 15 minutes. It is not harmful. The purpose of the niacin is to "replace" the nicotine with a vitamin.

Initial Detox

Start this schedule 2 days before you plan to stop smoking. If you need to smoke, then do it. Typically, cigarette use will decrease significantly during this period to approximately 6 cigarettes per day without much effort.

To make it easier, schedule a colonic on the first detoxification day. Colonic therapy aids prevention of exit path clogging. We have observed that the detoxification process releases unsaponifiable lipids, tar-sludge, from the cells. The Tar travels to the liver and clogs toxin release.

When the liver clogs, the detoxification process stops, and cravings and discomfort return. Hard core smokers report that colonic therapy is the difference between success and failure. Addition of colonic support, in every resistant cases, has resolved cravings immediately.

Myers Cocktail
1/2 bottle
Colon Hydrotherapy
Days 1 / 3 / 5
Sulfur Ex
1 capsule
Selenated Tung Oil
1-3 ml

1 ounce of Myers Cocktail is 1/2 bottle. 1 ml of Selenated oil is 1 full dropper.

Sulfur Ex is Ethylene Trithiocarbonate. It has a very strong sulfur/ garlic smell. Your body odor will resemble this supplement while you take this supplement.

On Cravings


Cravings occur when the body is under stress resulting from the imbalance of nicotine and cellular anti-nicotine. The relative dominance of anti-nicotine drives metabolic discomfort/stress causing the body to seek nicotine (or other addictive substances). Consumption of nicotine restores the addictive balance of toxin/anti-toxin and restores comfort.

There are two ways to restore this balance:

  • Take more addictive substance (nicotine, etc.)
  • Eliminate the anti-toxin (this detox program).

This is very important because cravings reflect the "time" when you can successfully treat the "part of your body" which is driving your addiction. "Cravings" or "withdrawal" mark the time when addicted cells are pathologically active, and are ready to absorb more drug, or preferably detoxification agents.

Stress is the exact time they are open to absorb metabolic agents to resolve and dissolve their anti-nicotine (or other anti-drug).

Timing of these agents with cravings is very important (Must take during cravings):

On Craving
Sulfur Ex
1-2 capsules
Selenated Oil
1-2 ml

Taking these metabolic agents during craving, preferably the early part, enables the body to deliver the oxidized lipid reagents to the distressed / catabolic biased cells while they are active. Once these cells have absorbed the metabolic agents, the anti-drug lipioids are neutralized (oxidized with selenium or sulfur) into metabolically inert tar. After these agents are oxidized, they are dumped, as tar, into the lymphatic or circulatory system and travel to the liver for disposal.

If the exit path is saturated, the liver is clogged, then oxidation stops. The anti-drug lipoids stop oxidizing (don't know how), and drive future cravings. See comments on colonic therapy.

When the exit path is functional:

  • These agents tend to resolve cravings within about an hour by resolving the cellular dysfunction which caused the cravings;
  • Craving freqency and intensity rapidly decrease;
  • Results are immediate (within about an hour).

Repeat the on-craving protocol hourly if necessary. If cravings do not resolve after 3 hourly doses -- GET A COLONIC. Exit path is blocked.

Do not take more reagents until after the colonic. It doesn't matter if you had a colonic earlier that day, or yesterday, you need another one.

Cellular Addiction

Craving detox is the stage when your body is still craving.

Cravings seem to relate to cell stress reflecting cellular discomfort likely resulting from imbalance. The cravings indicate cellular distress, and indicates need "boost" the detoxification to target reagent delivery to addicted cells.

During the Active Detox Phase, continue the morning supplements indicated in the Initial Detox phase.

Oil form supplements delivers the breakdown reagents into the cells. It is important to use these reagents while you are craving. Craving cells will accept nutrients while they are in distress.

Normally, active detox is a one or two day experience. If the reagents do not quench the cravings, then your detox path is blocked. If you present anxiety, then use the Niacin Protocol.

Psychological Addiction

Addiction is both psychological and physical. It is very necessary to address the mental/energetic aspect AT THE SAME TIME as the physical.

The book "Tapping the Healer Within" contains energetic therapies for addictive urges. These therapies are very effective at permanently eliminating the energetic and behavorial addiction, which are as real as the physical addiction.

Take these methods very seriously. They are simple, fast, and produce permanent results. If you omit the "addictive urges" protocol from the program the probability of durable success of the program is less.


This chart reflects the maximum amount of the supplements you should take.

Sulfur Ex
10 capsules
Selenated Oil
10 ml
No Limit

A dropper is approximately 1 ml. A capsule is approximately 100 mg.

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